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Tracey is an excellent agent. Very considerate and will work with you. She is willing to work with her clients and will cater to your needs. She is not pushy and will find you your dream home. I highly recommend her as your personal agent. You will not be disappointed.

-Anthony Booker



Tracey is a very thorough and wonderful to work with. Always one step ahead and goes above and beyond for her clients.

I would definitely recommend her!

-Kelly Newell



Tracey is a true professional. She goes the extra mile for all of her clients and working with her is a pleasure. If a problem arises, she takes care of it calmly and efficiently, a skill I highly respect. I definitely recommend Tracey to handle all of your real estate needs!

-Susan Anderson



It was a pleasure working with Tracey, She is sharp, efficient and honest in her dealings. I recommend her highly

-Mike Ahmed,M.D.



I had the pleasure of working with Tracey on a short sale purchase on behalf of my clients. Although our offer wasn't accepted, we all enjoyed our interfaces with Tracey, she was very professional in all matters.

-Mike Edmonson



Tracey Secrist is a true professional, on the transaction that we did together everything went smooth and everyone involved was happy.

-Carlos Morales



Tracey has a great deal of knowledge regarding the Real Estate market, and the laws and practices surrounding it. I would highly recommend Tracey for any residential Real Estate transactions, feeling quite confident of professional and expert results.

-Bruce Rosenberg



Fun, likeable and passionate. Three traits that immediately come to mind for me regarding Tracey. She entered the market with few connections to the area and was able to build a good base of business in a relatively short period of time. She was part of a sales team that worked well together and who genuinely encouraged success.

-Terry E. Harvin